‘When a woman embraces her pleasure, she has her way with the world.’

Welcome beauty,


You are invited to my wonderful workshop on Thursday the 21th of March from 19 – 22.00 o’clock.       

This workshop is all about celebrating pleasure and releasing pressure.  


A life without pleasure feels void of life, there is no spark to it, no tasty juice that makes it feel vibrant. When you live without allowing or experiencing pleasure, life feels more like something to get through than something to be enjoyed and relished. Pleasure brings a sparkle, a tingle, a sprinkle of joyful light. Pleasure wakes you up and turns you on, and life becomes enjoyable and delicious.

This evening is for female entrepreneurs who want to feel more love, pleasure and empowerment in running their business and in their lives.  

This evening I will invite you to wake up to your feminine pleasure.      

 Cause, a woman who runs her life and her business from a place of feminine pleasure has powerful and radiant energy. 


I will guide you to open your heart, to release the pressure and to empower your most pleasurable state of being.     




The program for this evening


Welcome with tea and pleasurable bites


Start with a beautiful Welcome Ritual.

Setting an intention


Powerful heart opening meditation


Releasing Exercise to transform the pressure into pleasure.


Pleasure Dance !


Evoking the pleasure Queen inside of you.

Connecting with your deepest desire around pleasure.


Closing ritual to deeply connect with your pleasureQueen. 


 If you feel that indulging yourself in love, pleasure and your desire is something you crave or need, or just LOVE to do?   

You are so welcome! This evening will be


 Thursday evening

21st of March

19 – 22.00 o’clock.



Centrum De Open Ruimte

J. Bakerstraat 40


Dress Code

Wear something comfortable which brings you pleasure.

Your investment

Your investment for this powerful workshop is 40 euro. Send an email to andrea@ohmygoddess.nl and pay throught the link below!

Extra Pleasure

For this powerful workshop, I invited Yvonne from Drops of Heaven to assist me & to indulge you in even more pleasure for your senses!

Click on the photo on the right to check out her and her drops of heaven!

This is what women say about Andrea:

Andrea really is a powerful facilitator for female empowerment and transformation. I worked with her on different issues and desires in several sessions. Together with her I was able to take further steps into owning my power, taking responsibility for what I want and to show up for myself 100%. She has the rare beautiful gift to hold space in which I feel fully safe and seen, she is so lovingly encouraging that my system trusts to melt into transformation. Her intuition is always so on point. And her radiance and energy is inspiring and contagious. I am filled with gratefulness about having connected with her!


Coach for women

Het opbouwen van mijn eigen bedrijf is voor mij iets heel nieuws en spannends. Ik kom daarin allerlei oude angsten en overtuigingen tegen, waar ik me op slechte dagen het liefst achter verschuil. Met als gevolg dat ik me ook echt verstopte. Andrea liet me zien en nog belangrijker.. voelen, dat ik het waard ben om mezelf te laten zien en dat wat ik te bieden heb ook echt iets waard is. Dat als ik durf te gaan naar mijn gevoel van binnen en daar liefdevol te kijken naar wat er aanwezig is, er uiteindelijk altijd een gevoel van vertrouwen onder vandaan komt. Ik heb gemerkt dat dit mij in drie weken tijd al heeft geholpen om stappen te zetten die ik daarvoor nooit durfde te nemen. Ik heb al even een glimp opgevangen van wat er voor mij in de sterren staat en het is prachtig en dus ook heel motiverend om vanuit deze energie te kunnen gaan werken! Aan de slag dus.. vol vertrouwen en plezier.

Youssi Raams