This group coaching program starts on the 5th of April 2019. 

Only 6 beautiful souls can join, so make sure to sign up and reserve your spot!


Then you are in the right place here and I am so happy that you decided to take a look at this AMAZING group program for female entrepreneurs! Joining this 8-module program will completely shift and transform the way you experience sexual pleasure and it will also help you to be (multi) orgasmic!


Connecting deeply with your sexuality will not only help you to enjoy your sex life, or self-pleasure more,….it will also boost your confidence as nothing else can. Feeling at ease and alive in your pelvic floor will open up a deep feeling of ‘wholeness & fulfillment’ in yourself.

As an entrepreneur this is so important cause, it will give you a deep connection with your ‘core’, with your body and your senses. In other words, with your deepest feminine wisdom. Creating your business from this place in yourself is like being in flow with your goddess energy.
You are a female entrepreneur. You have an amazing business up and running, or you have just started to spread your beautiful mission with the world.
I LOVE that about entrepreneurs. I love how we stand up, take a leap, show up every single day and do our utmost best to share our message with the world. 
 It asks us to be authentic, to be ourselves! To find our own voice, to stay true to ourselves. To connect with our deepest message and wisdom.

We all know that our clients buy from us, based on our energy! On how we feel, what we radiate, how we are connected to our deepest truth. 

But, still…..

  • You find yourself comparing yourselves to other entrepreneurs.
  • You notice how difficult it can be to feel confident and radiate your inner beauty. 
  • And you often feel ‘stuck’ in your head, overthinking every step you take. 
  • If you are truly honest with yourself, you are not connected with your sexual self, with your intimate parts, with your sexual energy. 
  • You feel insecure in this area of your life and you might feel shame or disgust around your intimate parts. 
  • You have difficulties truly enjoying lovemaking or self-pleasure. You have a lot of judgment around your own sexuality.
  •  You are stuck in one way of climaxing.
  •  You are orgasmic, but you don’t know how to use this for your business.

With a deep connection to your vagina & your sexuality…anything is possible! 

This is what you’ll get out of this program: 



You will be able to:

Manifest your goals by using your sexual energy.

Clear your sexual blocks and experience lots of pleasure.

Experience how connecting with your sexuality results in confidence and self love.

Notice how you’ll enjoy lovemaking and self pleasure more then ever!

Change the way you think about sexuality forever.

Notice how you’ll start attracting your dream clients with your radiant energy.

So, this is what you’ll get during these 16 weeks in the 8 modules: 

  • Every other week one 1-on-1 coaching call with me via ZOOM (60 minutes)

  • Every other week a video training with lots of wisdom about the topic of the week.

  • Every other week (guided) practices to do on your own (minimum 3 x a week).

  • 3 online group coaching calls (max 120 minutes).

  • Secret Facebook Group to connect in sisterhood and share our experiences.

  • Unlimited mail access to me for the duration of this program.

  • A lot of LOVE for you, exactly as you are, where you are and how you feel.

  • And if you sign up before the 10th of March, you’ll get a JADE EGG for free !!

Module 1: Rewriting your sex story


  • Become aware of your sex story. What are the beliefs, storys and messages that you’ve adopted as your truth? And what is the impact of that on your current sex life?
  • Write your own new sex story. What is it that you DO want to believe about your sexuality, your vagina and sexuality in general? Which story will support you to thrive sexually?
  • You’ll learn how to embody your new story (you’ll love it!)

Module 2: Loving your vagina.

  • Eye-gazing with your vagina and speaking words of love and appriciation for her.
  • Sending her loving energy with your presence and your breath.
  • Connecting your new sex story with her. Allowing her to absorb this in every cell!
  • Talking to your vagina and listen to the feminine wisdom she has for you (you’ll be surprised!)


Module 3: Releasing stuck energy & emotions.

  • Learn to be fully present in your vagina with whatever you feel.
  • Release stuck energy through movement and sounding.
  • Use de-armoring techniques to create more flow and sensitivity in your vagina.
  • Doing deep transformational breathwork to release stuck energy.
  • Free yourself from your old story (aaaah, yes!)

Module 4: Use your obsedian/jade egg to tone your vagina muscles and awaken your sex goddess.

  • You’ll learn simple but effect exercises to tone your vagina muscles.
  • You learn how to release tension and deeply relax your vagina.
  • Ignite your sensuality and embody your inner sex goddess.

Module 5: Follow your pleasure.

  • Really get to know your body. Learn what she loves and what brings her pleasure. Listen and give!
  • Become very sensitive to what you feel. Breathe in the pleasure.
  • Allow pleasure to become your new BFF. Embrace your pleasure.



Module 6: Deep Self Love. 

  • Become your own best lover (how cool!!)
  • Love all the parts of you that are blocking you from feeling abundant & orgasmic
  • Step into the version of you that IS abundant & orgasmic. And love her hard :-)!
  • Open your heart and fill yourself to the brim with love.

Module 7: Become (multi) orgasmic!!

  • Learn the 3 key elements to have a full body orgasm!
  • Learn all the different spots in your vagina that are orgasmic.
  • G-spot orgasm.
  • Cervical Orgasm.

Module 8: Cultivate your Abundant & Orgasmic Energy.


  • Learn how to put yourself in this energy !
  • Create a daily mindset ritual to attract abundance and orgasmic energy in your life. 
  • Use your orgasmic energy to manifest abundance!!!
  • BE this version of yourself!

Your investment for this amazing rich, profound & transformational program is 750 euro (exclusive btw).

Ladies, please pay attention!


If you sign up before the 10th of March, you’ll receive a jade egg for free to use during the program!

Which is has a value of 70 euro!

So, beauty, this group coaching program is for you if you

  • This program will be completey in Dutch (I decided this after I made this salespage. So that is why this is in English. But all the video’s and guided exercises will be in Dutch)
  • Want commit yourself to claiming your sexual and abundant nature.
  • You are willing to do deep transformational work (including breathwork)
  • You are able to make time to do the weekly practices at home.
  • You are ready to be an abundant & orgasmic business babe!!!!


Hi, gorgeous, my name is Andrea Davelaar and I will guide you through these 8 module program!

I am a Sexual Empowerment coach and I help woman to embrace their sexuality and own their success.

I have studied approximately 800 hours to become a Sexual Empowerment Coach at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. Layla Martin was my teacher. She is the best! Check out her You Tube channel, you’ll love it!

I use deep transformational tools and techniques based in modern coaching modalities, and ancient tantric wisdom  and I have amazing practices to help women like you reconnect with their sexual selves and discover their multiorgasmic genius inside.



Here are the answers to all your questions! And if your answer isn’t here, feel free to shoot me a mail to


What if I feel no sexual desire at all right now?

That’s no problem at all, honey! We start where you are. This program contains a lot of wisdom that will change your mind completey about sex and in our coachingsession we dive into your specific struggle and your unique desire.


What if I already do enjoy sex?

You can defenitely still join this program. You will have a deeper understanding of what sexuality can do for you (besides in the bedroom). You’ll be able to take your orgasms to the next level and use this vibe and energy for your life! In the coachingssessions we can dive into your specific desire!


I have never been coached through ZOOM, is it effective if we don’t meet each other live?

Oh my goddess, YES, it is SO effective. I have been coaching and being coached myself via ZOOM for the whole last 1,5 year. It has the same transforming effects. Women often feel a bit hesitant towards online coaching, but I often hear that it has been very effective as well. It is important though to create a beautiful sacred space to receive the coaching.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! If you feel that paying 750 euro (exclusive 21% btw) in full is to much, you can send me a mail, and we can discuss your payment plan.


What if I already have a jade egg, what happens with the ‘early bird offer’?

If you already have a jade or obsedian egg (so no other egg!) you get 50 euro discount on the full price. So, you’ll pay 700 euro (ex. btw) instead of 750. If you register before the 10th of March. Register HERE if you want to join!